When Your Year Needs a Restart

Friends, the first half of this year has evaporated, and we are already racing through June. Some nights I fall asleep wondering if I accomplished anything during the day, feeling like I am in a daze. I don’t want to sleepwalk through life. I don’t want hundreds of days to slip away so that I look back and realize that I rushed to get nowhere.

I want to slow down. I want to intentionally inhale- to deeply take in the fresh air that the Lord breathed into this world. And when I slowly exhale I will breathe out grace towards others out of a thankful heart.

I am pushing the “restart” button in June. What better time is there than the year's half birthday to commit to seeking out laughter, doodling in a notebook, walking outside, and,  cultivating a heart of gratitude by being present in each moment. 

I am going to say "yes" more than I say "no". I am going to forgive quickly. I am going to allow myself time to read paper words instead of screen words. I am going to spend time with my anchoring people. I am going to walk outside and really take in the vastness of the sky. I am going to journal and let God’s Word breathe life into my soul in the mornings.

Ann Voskamp said it best:

“Get up early and watch the sun rise. Open a window so you can breathe it all in. Open His Word. Pour a cup of orange juice. Don’t try to face anything until you’ve faced Him: First 10 Minutes always with your First Love.

I am going to choose joy even when my circumstances are not ideal. I am going to choose hope because I believe in the love of a good Father who will never let me go.

I am going to make mistakes and give myself grace, because, Jesus did. 

I am going to seek soul rest in each small moment because I know that small moments are what make up our entire lives

That's the kind of reset that my soul needs today.

Will you join me?