About Me.jpg

Hey there! I'm Christy, nice to meet ya!

I like you already.

Yes you- valuable, beautiful you. 

I'm right there with you looking for a little calm in the midst of chaos. I'm in need of a quiet corner where I can let God and grace creep in. 

So welcome to my little blog where I constantly need to remind myself that perfect doesn't exist and is, in fact, very overrated. I mean, who wants to sit around and tell stories about how perfect their college days were?

If we were to meet over coffee, I would want to skip the small talk. I would cherish every moment of hearing your story, and I would share some of mine.

About Me:

  • Favorite Food: definitely pizza (I hate green things.. I'm working on that)
  • I was adopted into a pretty amazing family (listen to me tell more of my story HERE)
  • We love hospitality and meeting new people!
  • Myers Briggs: ENFJ  Enneagram: 2
  • Pets: Daniel Lipton Harmon (Dan) and Douglas Furbanks Harmon (Doug). They are cats. Please don't judge. 
  • I love people but sometimes need to introvert. When I struggle with anxiety or worry, gratitude seems to be the best antidote.
  • My guy: We met in middle school at summer camp and have been married for 5 years- you will come to learn that he is pretty much a rock star.
  • Baby girl Harmon is due September 30th! We cannot wait to be parents!!
  • I love coffee, game nights, making lists of things, journaling, my Instant Pot (Ippy), our nap bed, good music, Dr. Pepper, comfies, traveling, talking about adoption, inviting strangers into my home (through couch surfing) and studying the Word of God.  
  • I'm desperately trying to slow down and enjoy the little things. 

So what about you? I would love to hear from you!