From Your Darling Adopted Daughter


When I was a little girl, you used to take me on "road trips" on Saturday mornings. We would pick up dry cleaning, go to a book store, or visit the cobbler. We would usually stop for a treat on the way home or stop by a park so that we could play. You taught me to enjoy the little things in life.

I felt like the most important girl in the world that my daddy wanted to spend time with me.

I still feel that way.

You never missed a single ballet recital. And you even came to a lot of those long rehearsals. I know that they were long (and really boring) but nothing made me happier than to see you smiling ear to ear with roses when I came down from the stage.

I loved being the center of attention, and you allowed me to shine in the center of yours. On weekends we would go over to the community college and I would "perform" in the auditorium to a full audience (aka: just you). I remember when I stood on a stump on a hike in Colorado and sang my first solo for you. After I was done, I jumped into your arms.

Thank you for always giving me a standing ovation.

When I got a little older, you would take me on dates to Starbucks (or Mexican restaurants... fried ice cream, anyone??) You are an incredible listener and I loved being able to share my life with you and grow from your godly advice.

I am the epitome of a "daddy's girl".

When William and I started dating, I knew that you would love him. He was a godly man who also knew how to make seemingly trivial Saturday errands seem like dates.

But while you love him, I know that it probably hurt to know that your little girl was falling in love with another man.

And then the day came when you walked me down the aisle.

Nothing you have done has ever meant more to me. You entrusted me to a man who loves me, cherishes me, and adores me. It took courage, faith, and a whole lot of love. I cannot imagine how hard it must have been, but it I was so happy, and so thankful for your support.

While I love William more every day, he will never be the first man that I loved.

You are my Daddy, my hero, my role model, my biggest supporter, and biggest fan. You taught me what real love is, pointing me to the cross.

While you no longer sing "Surfer Girl" to me at night and "When Morning Gilds the Skies" in the morning, and we don't listen to Mickey & Becki on tape together,  know that nothing thrills me more than to see you, go journal shopping with you, talk to you, pray with you, spend time with you. I have learned so much from you, and am so so blessed.

Know that you are loved more than thin mints during March Madness, more than harmonies on road trips, and more than carmel frappuccino's on hot summer days.

Also know that I will always be your "darling adopted daughter" and that I'm glad you are my dad.