A Letter from Grandma

My grandma (GTT or Grandma Tic Tac) is 91 years old and the absolute greatest encourager to me. This is an email that she wrote after my graduation. She knew I was having a hard time with the fact that I didn't have a job lined up. So much love and so much depth. Thanks GTT for loving me unconditionally and discipling me for so many years!

Oh Christy, last weekend was such a time of joy!   For your setting a high goal – and then achieving it.   For your good taste in furnishing your apartment.   For your ability to stay sane with so many people milling around in your apartment and in your face.   For getting your hood on right!  

For keeping high morals in the midst of temptations.   For choosing a Bible-believing church, and not just attending it.   For knowing you are HIS.  For making me feel important to your life.

You’ve worked so diligently and constantly for so long, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re feeling a letdown, a guilty feeling that you SHOULD be knocking yourself out like always.  ‘Taint so, my Sweet.   I think your body needs to learn how to just BE.   (this is for a limited time, you understand?)  Maybe clean out a dresser drawer, or read another Francine Rivers book.

I am praying for your job situation.   That you find the most interesting, most lucrative, most serving job that will utilize your wonderful knowledge/talents.   To start next week and is situated 10 minutes from your apartment.   

Well, welcome to the real world.  You sounded so very professional and knowledgable when you were telling us about this last course.   But for most people, finding a good job is a real challenge.   Networking and job fairs and patience and prayer do work, altho God’s timing is not necessarily your timing.

So – thanks for last weekend.   Thanks for being SO loveable.  Thanks for being the best big sister in the whole wide world.   Thanks for bringing that big handsome hunk into our family.

Love always,