Princess Hide and Seek


Dear Mom,

Once upon a time, when i was a little girl, you drove me around on errand days and told me of the adventures of Princess Hide and Seek. She was a girl who made the right decisions even when others did not. She loved Jesus not because He gave her good gifts, but because He WAS the good gift. She loved others well, not because she wanted to be cool but because she wanted to be warm and welcoming.

Now I am older and I look back on those days fondly. I think of all the sacrifices you made for me so that I would never know a day when I was not loved. I think of all the times you encouraged me, even when I doubted myself. I think of how I want to be the woman of prayer that you are.

I also think of Princess Hide and Seek and am thankful for all the lessons that you taught me over the years. 

Thank you for being a safe haven for my heart, and a listening ear when I ramble. Thanks for being my mom and my best friend.

Love Always,