Adoption and Heartbreak

rocking chairs.jpg

Today I met with a Mama carrying the weight of the adoption story she is about to gift to her son. We rocked in these chairs and listened to Willie Nelson over Cracker Barrel speakers as we tearfully dove into the grief that comes with adoption.

She is young. She is scared. But she knows that without fear there is never the opportunity to be brave. And she knows that without love no one would ever place their baby for adoption.

We talked about throwing our grief and our pain at the foot of the cross. We talked about looking up into the face of Jesus, seeing HIS suffering and remembering that in our grief we can have hope because He understands. And He holds us. He chose suffering out of love for us, His children. This girl is doing the same. She is choosing to place her baby out of a deep love for her little one. She kept repeating “I know it’s right, but why does the right thing have to be the hardest thing”. This is so often true. The hard thing is the right thing. Deep pain comes before deep peace.

Oh how I pray that her soul will grow though her loss. That her brokenness will turn into beauty. That the Lord will guide her to choose a family that will love her fiercely. That her story will one day change the world.